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Hi! Writing is the main thing going on at the website of Eldon Arkinstall. Oh there's art, and there's commerce, but writing is the main thing. Now should you want to read something interesting about our lives, you've found the place where such stories are written, then to appear for sale as my e-books and paperbacks.

I'll add other projects here. You might want to buy some of the cool silver jewellery I find looking for stories about places where people make silver jewellery. There's this town in this jungle...but wait, this is not the time for that story! That's coming.

Also coming are photographs of ancient places with ancient trees and ancient ideas, though pictures of ancient ideas sometimes need words. Word! Well this is a wordsmithing site, so it's perfect!

Enjoy your stay, take something home, and YOU, why you are immensely welcome here.


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