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Eldon Arkinstall

I like a lot of things, in fact I like everything. That takes a bit of explaining. I like everything like I imagine some great being who understands all things, likes everything. I don't understand all things, but might like to. Well, it's a philosophy I pour into my books.

For example, I like to wear sunglasses because they look good, (on everyone,) shield baby blues, browns, greens, violets and greys from the yellow sun, and add mystery - to everyone. I buy polarized sunglasses. Well, I can see into water with polarized sunglasses. Adventures happen around water.

I like adventures. I can't stop myself from adventuring, and adventures can't stop from turning up all kinds of fun and love and mayhem in my books. We should go adventuring together. I say “we” because they should be your adventures too. The stories are about people sharing adventures, and just about everyone is in them, because everyone's life is an adventure. Well, you're not in them, but maybe a small bit of something you might like is - a feeling, a fear, a triumph perhaps? If you've seen me tramping about taking notes in a small, battered notebook I slip from the pocket of my khaki cargo pants, (and what's an adventure without khaki cargo pants?) maybe you've thought, I could be in that story...I could be there. You would be proud of yourself, or sad, or glad. It's all fiction though, isn't it, everything, and mine to make any way I want. It's yours too. Want to see? C'mon, let's go!

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